Try and see Channing Tatum Luxury Loft in New York

Luxury Loft Channing Tatum, Surely you already know Channing Tatum who has appeared in the movies Hollywood box office . If he had appeared openly in the film Magic Mike , it is time you peek further ! Your chance to see luxury residences ever rented in New York . A five-story loft with total area of ​​984 square meters that once occupied this is in 155 Duane Street , New York . Loft with exposed red brick was built in 1830 , which was originally used as a home to make an antiseptic soap in the Civil War . The current owner is W. Robert Curtis , who never rent loft is to Channing Tatum in the summer of 2016. The rent ranges between USD 18,000 to USD 35,000 .

Dominated pine , oak , and iron as well as building materials and furniture , this loft look sturdy but not stiff . Liaison between each floor is a wooden staircase with open risers . Outdoor stairs like this is indeed simple and beautiful appearance, but has flaws big enough , especially for the cleanliness factor . Dust and dirt on the top floor , could easily fall to the floor below . Oak flooring material dominates , with only the top terrace that use other materials . On the wall , there is a row of windows large enough to serve as the lighting during the daytime . In addition to the window , there is also an exhaust smoke above the stove . For storing kitchen appliances , wood cabinets next to the existing under the stove.

There are two bedrooms in this house. The master bedroom , main bathroom and dressing room is located on the 3rd floor guest room while using an ancient iron frame beds are located on the 2nd floor 4th floor is the dining room , of course, can not escape the dining room from the kitchen . The kitchen is a kitchen that is used to dry , with the addition of a bookshelf and a small table if you want to dine while reading a book . Visible ceiling beams decorated with oak trees in neat rows that give the impression of a warm and soothing .

Pine beams are also used as a pillar reinforcement and mechanical winches are also seen in the picture above . A lounge located on the top floor , on the top floor as well, you will find a private terrace with many plants. With visibility beautiful city of New York , it would be very suitable for a romantic frolic at night time.

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